Cut-Off Minimum

Another day of class and assignments yesterday. Sigh.
It was an absolutely lovely day though. The temperature reached up to 22°!

So being stuck at my computer most of the day apart  from evening classes didn’t give me much of an opportunity to wear anything fancy. But the weather did allow for me to wear my cut-off shorts for the first time. It was originally a pair of Dotti jeans that over-stretched, and a pair of over-stretched skinny jeans are just unpleasant so i decided they would look better as a pair of distressed cut-off shorts.

Now I’ve done this a couple of times before and they never turn out that well.

The first time, the length was all wrong. The second time, I sewed up the hem and the length was fine but seeing that they were skinny cut jeans prior to becoming shorts meant that they were too tight when i sewed up the hem.

So I was pleased that the third time was a charm!
Also I think that a much lighter wash works better than a dark blue or black denim as cut-off shorts.

Top: French Connection

Shorts: Dotti  – DIY cut-off 😉

Aussie bare feet awesomeness – I love being bare footed, don’t you?

P.S. – My hair is no longer icky bleach pink! – Purple yay! :)

LOve <3


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