DIY – Multi Chain Necklace

Over the last few months, I’ve spotted many grunge inspired pieces. Coupled with the sudden burst of chain and spiked DIY projects over the internet, I’ve been itching to make this super simple multi chain necklace.

After receiving the wrong sized chain that was slightly too small for the spikes I’d bought for a bracelet it was intended for, I figured I needed to use the chains for a different purpose and this was the perfect opportunity!


  • 3 types of chains – varying sizes and/or colours (or more if you want)
  • Jump rings / 18/20 gauge wire to make your own
  • Pliers / Round nosed pliers (optional if you are making your own jump rings)
  • Wire cutters (optional if you are making your own jump rings)
  • Hex Nuts (optional extra)


  1. Firstly decide how long you want your necklace to be approximately.
  2. Measure out the main chain to that length, plus an extra half metre (more or less depending on your intended drape). Cut to size.
  3. Decide how many secondary chains you want to dangle from the main chain. Cut varying lengths in each chain type.
  4. Now that we have all our materials cut to length – assemble!

Note: If you intend on making your own jump rings, here is where you can find out how to make them… after a few simple steps – DONE!

You many notice that the black paint has scratched off the edges of the chain (it arrived in the mail like this – how annoying), so I decided to make the look more industrial by adding hex nuts. If you attach all the extra chains in the same area on the main chain, it acts as a great tool to keep the nuts in place.

Hope you like it ^_^

LOve <3


11 responses to “DIY – Multi Chain Necklace”

  1. I really like the hardware touch of the hexnuts, especially the ones at the tops of the layers of chain that look like they are almost floating!

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  3. Dana says:

    The necklace looks so professional…thanks for sharing!

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  5. rachel says:

    adorable and so creative!


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