DIY – Beaded Stretch Cuff Bracelet

As you may realise over the last few posts, I’ve had an obsession with cubed beads. My affinity has grown ever more since the discovery of Miyuki beads. ^_^ These are extremely standardised glass beads produced in Japan that come in many different finishes. Some of my favourite come in matte metal colour finishes.

In many stores I find so many cuff stretch bracelets I love, but alas, why are they so expensive? I then became determined to create my own cuffs!

After scouring Ebay for the right beads to use, Miyuki saved the day!

So without any further nonsense, here is the tutorial 😉


  • Cubed beads
  • Stretch beading thread (I used the Crystal brand which is a commonly used one)
  • Super glue (for securing knots)


1. Measure out the bracelet length giving plenty of excess. Cut out lengths in even numbers for the desired width. The wider the bracelet the more to cut.

2. knot the strands into twos.

3. Insert the beads onto the strands as directed by the images below. Each bead should have two stands going through it except for the top and bottom beads of every other column. With each column, the double strands will alternate leaving every other column ends with a single strand through the bead.

It should create a weaved effect and keep the beads in a mat-like pattern.

be sure to push the beads tightly together with every few columns as to not tangle everything.

4. Once all the beading is done, make sure each bead in the last column has double strands going through them.

5. Tie the double strands off to secure the beads in for now

6. Tie the two ends together with double knots or square knots.

Pull tightly to avoid sagging

7. Once all the ends are tied up, put a little super glue on each knot to secure it in place.

8. Cut off all the excess – DONE!

This is a little time consuming, but if you have some spare time and feel like getting crafty, give this a go!

LOve <3




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  1. I think this is my favorite of yours with the cube beads. I think the best DIYs are ones where you’re amazed at how on earth they made it, which you definitely had me wondering when I saw the first pic. :) So creative, great work!

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  6. Dana says:

    So cute…and you make it look so easy :)

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  9. Pamela Takeshige says:

    Hi. I love this tutorial. How tight would you make it? Or how loose? I don’t like too tight.

    • Pretty Quirky Pants says:

      I’m glad you like it. It’s one of my favourites too. :)
      I made this one a little tight but it stretched out a little. I would recommend having it two or three rows looser than your wrist circumference.

  10. kcbirder says:

    I love the cube beads, too. Do you know your bracelet is exactly like doing peyote stitch? It’s pretty easy, and you could use the same elastic cord, threaded on a largish needle, and it would be simpler than keeping track of all those ends! If you like the beadweaving look, and the cubes, take a look at Carol Ohl’s patterns on She’s got some really fun ones, most with cubes.

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  12. Kashmira says:

    Thank you!!!!! I just made a bracelet using this technique. I used paper bicones, so its nothing as pretty as yours, but this is my first time weaving! Your tutorial helped me finally take the plunge! So a big THANK YOU!

  13. Tori says:

    There is a way easier way to do this. Wrap the strech string around your wrist 6-10 times, depending how much space on your arm you want the bracelet to take up. Now string 32 beads on(more or less depending on wrist size, MUST BE EVEN NUMBER OF BEADS) and tie it off, like a single bracelet. Make sure it’s all the way to one end of the long string, and do not cut off the extra. Now, take a bead, string it on, and lay it on top one of the ones next to the knot. Weave them, every other bead. In and out, in and out. If you’re having problems understanding what I’ve said, google multi-stitch Kandi cuff tutorial.

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  15. This is lovely! What a great idea. I wonder if you could use this with Czech cube beads too?



  16. Sharon says:

    I absolutely LOVE this! Now I just have to wait 8 hours to get off work and head to the craft store! Hopefully they have the square beads, round ones just don’t seem like they would look as uniform and put together.

  17. Lina says:

    I love this – but… now I am at he end, and I have aaall these ends with my stringing material waving around. Not sure how to end it and tie it off neatly. Help? :} Thanks!

    • Pretty Quirky Pants says:

      Hey Lina!
      I had a little problem with that too. I just knotted them a few times, placed a little super glue on the knots, when dried, pulled on them to ensure that it was secure, then snipped off the extra bits. That was the neatest way I could do it, but if you find another way of doing it, please let me know :)

      • Lina says:

        OK, thank you… Yours looks like you had woven it or something. Which I tried and it didn’t work. LOL The partially done piece is waiting for me to find a way to finish it. lol Will let you know if I figure anything out. :)

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  19. Donna says:

    where exactly did you get your stretch cord from, i use magic cord and the plastic is really slippery, did you get it from ebay or etsy?

    • Pretty Quirky Pants says:

      Hi Donna, I got it off Ebay. Luckily I bought it less than 3 years ago and Ebay has still kept my records 😉
      The title name is: Stretch Elastic Bead Crystal Line Cord. If you search for ‘crystal line cord’ I’m sure you’ll get heaps of hits.
      It has a very grippy surface so it does the job fairly well. I hope this helps :)

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