Pretty Cute Top: ASOS

Once again I’ve been trawling through ASOS.. and I want everything!

Now that I’m finally employed, I can buy something!

I have actually purchased two of these before hand and they are amaazzzinggg. So very comfy, so I’ve decided to buy two more. Seriously the best thing to wear to work.

Also since moving to Malaysia my wardrobe calls for some airy, summery goodness that my Melbourne wardrobe seriously lacks.

I got a couple of tops similar to this, backless, flowy and all round comfy.

I also threw this in as the style I’ve been going for recently involves a lot of drape, mesh and air flow so having one of these bralets would come in very handy for layering in such a hot country.

Looking forward to receiving my goodies in a couple of weeks!

LOve <3



4 responses to “Pretty Cute Top: ASOS”

  1. Jp says:

    Congratulations on the job! Tips look gorgeous as well :)

  2. Elisa B says:

    Oh God nooo you should never flip through Asos pages ahaahah! Everytime I do it I cry bitter tears!! I definitely need some Asos money! Congrats on the job tho, and have a nice shopping spree! ;D

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