Pretty Cute Top: Metalicus

mew1170_mewht013_3_41A lot of my DIY clothing and jewellery tend to be patterned or embellished and sometimes quite heavily. This means that when I actually do buy a piece of clothing, they’re usually basics in clean shades like black, white and grey.

I find that when buying basics I like to go for what I call ‘mom brands’ where things are a little pricier, but everything drapes in just the right way and also usually lasts way longer than basics you would pick up from cheaper stores like Cotton On or H&M. Don’t get me wrong, I love these large stores for affordable trend pieces, but you do get what you pay for.

I had a look at some of these tops online at Metalicus. They have some simple cuts that would drape nicely over what you already own, perfect for the bling loving DIYer.

I like to think that because I DIY a few trend pieces rather than to buy each one that comes out, that I should be able to spend a little more on my basic clothing range. :)

Here are some of my picks:


meel485_meblk055_1 meel511_meblk001_1 mevis123_megry072_1 mew1170_mewht013_1_41 meel627_meblk055_1 mevis70_mewht001_1meel600_meblk001_1

A mixture of cling, drape and sheer for layering. Loving those sheer tops!

Metallicus is an Australian label where I used to frequently browse their store when I lived in Australia. Though I don’t own anything by them, I still really want a couple of their tops. I love that their main selling point is comfort!

I know I could DIY a few of these pieces, (in fact, I think I might, I’m totes eyeing that mesh crop) but the thing is with making basic pieces myself is it’s just not the same! Sometimes, it is nice to pick something ready made off the rack where I didn’t have to search high and low for the right fabric or rack my brain about how to construct it.

So this is me still dreaming :)

LOve <3







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