Changing Seasons: How To – Wear Layers?

Alexander Wang Resort 2012

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Layers are great during those transitional periods during seasons or even just winter when its plain cold. (If you live in a place like Melbourne then it is useful ALL THE TIME!)

Here are some do’s and don’t s of layering:


  • Do use different lengthed items as it adds interest to the ensemble
  • Do use complimentary colours, colours that match or shades of colours in the layers. One would hope that each layer would be seen at some point in time
  • Do make sure that as the layers come off, the outfit still works and that your not stuck having to wearing an extra layer just because something underneath is too sheer and you end up being way too warm.
  • If you are wearing layers of very similar colours, do try to wear one item that does stand out – whether it is the colour, pattern or texture – if you are wearing too much of the same thing you may look like a walking curtain
  • Do layer thinner materials as you can get more layers in. Have only one thick layer, like a sweater or a vest that does not include a coat.
  • Do layer for your height appropriately. If you are short don’t wear more than one long layer as it will make you look like your swimming in your clothes. Cropped layers are great for the littler people 🙂
  • Do wear different neck lines and arm lengths to show off each layer
  • Do add a scarf and maybe wear less layers – it will look like you’ve layered clothes but really you’re only wearing 2 or 3 pieces.
Kate Lanphear

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Maison Martin Margela Resort 2012

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  • Don’t over layer yourself. If you can’t feel your arms on the side of your body, there are too many layers! – or the layers are too thick.
  • An example of the maximum amount of layers one can wear: 2 tank tops, a thin long sleeve, one thick sweater or vest, an overcoat – 5 layers maximum!
  • Don’t button up all the layers you are wearing or wear layers that all come up to your neck – What’s the point if no one can see the 5 layers you’re wearing?
  • Don’t forget you can layer up the bottom half of your body too! – shorts/pants/skirt/dress, tights, socks, boots and maybe even leg warmers!
  • Don’t wear too many colours or too many patterns – you don’t want to go over the top

My Personal Style:

My favourite items to layer are waist coats, long vests and cropped sweaters

Most of which can be seem in these pictures from my previous posts as shown below.

I’ve mostly layered 2 or 3 pieces but you could obviously add more if the weather was cold 🙂

My Personal Layering Style

Casual Friday, Lazy Attire, Stroll to the City, Damn Melbourne Weather

I hope some of these tips have been helpful 🙂

LOve <3


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