Should I get a Sewing Machine?

For anyone who enjoys doing DIY projects, the prospect of owning a sewing machine would have probably crossed your minds. Most of the time the idea is tossed about but never acted upon.

I am here to tell you why you SHOULD get a sewing machine.

General Information?


The price of sewing machines vary greatly depending on how advanced it is and even basic ones can vary between the hundreds.

I got mine for just over $100 on sale, over 50% off – a bargain!

The price of a new sewing machine can cost anywhere between $100 to $400 for a basic model. It can be a bit steep, but if you wait for the right moment… say Christmas sales coming up soon ^_^, that would be a perfect time to pick one up. Either way you should not be spending more than $200 on a basic machine – try for $150.

Uses so far:

So far I’ve used my sewing machine for a variety of things in the last year ranging from:

  • repairs and alterations – hemming jeans, shorts, skirts, taking things in etc.
  • simple projects – pyjamas, circle skirts, anything with a simple pattern and is free size.
  • and have since progressed to intermediate projects – dresses, jackets anything that involves a pattern to tailor to the body

Potential Uses:

I don’t use my machine on any sort of regular basis. I use it when I have to, when I want something that I know I can make or when I’m just plain itching to do something with fabric. I’ve basically used it for clothing so far, but I could make electronic covers, home decorations, accessories, bags, purses – the list really goes on.

As long as I have my sewing machine, the potential is there. All the small things add up over time and it will eventually pay for itself. I’ve already altered 20 pairs of pants and it’s been borrowed a few times. So I’d say it has served its purpose well.


Which  Sewing Machine?

Most basic sewing machines will generally give you the same option and functions and are all quite safe to learn and use.

Doing a little bit of research, asking around in shops and looking out for sales is how you would decide on which machine to buy. Large fabric stores are the best sources for reviews and judge of machinery and in Spotlight or Lincraft (Australia), you are usually allowed to give the machines a test run before purchasing.

The brands to look out for are Singer and Brother.

 Scared of Learning?

If you are ever worried about not knowing how to use one, don’t be!

There are so many ways to teach yourself how to use a sewing machine:

  • It usually comes with a manual
  • Go to a sewing class
  • Google it
  • Wiki it
  • YouTube it
  • DIY blogs
  • and so many more!

Overall Advantages?

So to sum up:

  • Good price – (the price of a new dress) and eventually pays for itself
  • So many projects
  • DIY advancement
  • Relatively easy to pick a manchine
  • So many resources to learn from

If you have any doubts, I’m happy to help out so drop a comment. Also if you have a sewing machine, tell me your thoughts and opinions and when you think is the best time to upgrade your machine.

LOve <3


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  1. Great post, I am such a big fan of sewing things myself, I don’t know what I’d be doing with myself now if there hadn’t been a sewing machine in my house when I was younger! I really think every household should have one!

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