DIY – Long Racer Back Vest

I’ve had this incessant need to sew in the last week so I thought I’d share one of my projects.

If you’ve been keeping up with my outfit posts, you will realise I have this favourite little vest that I love to layer my ensembles with.

So… Funky fabric + Frequently worn vest = DIY project!

It’s a fairly simple pattern that involves little sewing.


  1. Favourite vest
  2. Sewing machine
  3. Template material (craft paper/cardboard/etc)
  4. Fabric and lining material
  5. Marking tool (pen/chalk/etc.)
  6. Pins


  1. Outline the back piece and the two front pieces onto craft paper/cardboard/canvas (making a template).
  2. Remember to leave room at the edges to sew.
  3. Outline the template onto the main fabric and the lining – you should have 3 pieces in the fabric and 3 in the lining – 6 pieces all up.
  4. Match up the lining and the main fabric with correct sides facing each other
  5. Sew all edges except the shoulder edge and sides i.e. where the back and front pieces will be assembled.
  6. Turn the pieces right side out and sew along the edge of each piece for rigidity.
  7. You should now have 3 pieces ready to be assembled.
  8. Assemble – sew sides, sew shoulders… Done!

LOve <3



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