How to Play Doctor

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I’ve noticed how many people have stumbled across my boyfy’s costume from a picture I took at a friends birthday party here and thought I would dedicate a post to Matt Smith’s hipster nerd style portrayal of the Doctor in Doctor Who and how anyone who is interested can play along.

I’ve basically found that Topman is the perfect place to get most of the necessary pieces.

Outfit Analysis:



Plain white with small line prints in either blue or red, such as thin lines or small window checks. Anything that really creates a nerd vibe. (The original shirt was a Paul Smith shirt which comprised of thin squiggly vertical lines). A plain blue, pink or white shirt could do as well if desperate.

I purchased a couple of ‘nerd-inspired’ shirts from TOPMAN similar to the following:


TOPMAN Berry Striped ShirtTOPMAN Blue Double Grid Check Shirt


The usual suspect would be a tweed suit jacket. Preferably brown tweed with brown elbow patches. The importance is in the tweed like fabric and elbow patches. My boyfy is wearing a grey herringbone tweed which is not colour exact, but the elbow patches really send the message across.

It can be quite difficult to find the exact print, colour, patch and cut so it is impressive when one can find one.

Courtesy of Entertainment Earth

However, BBC has licensed the production of replica jackets for adoring fans for just $309.99! – They can be pre-ordered from Entertainment Earth coming October 2011.

The newer  episodes have Matt wearing a new army green military styled trench which may be an easier find as this style tends to swim in and out of season regularly.


Any pair of skinny, slightly faded black jeans rolled up will do. The original pair that Matt is wearing is from Topman, but it is no longer sold.

I found one off the TOPMAN website that could be worn too:

TOPMAN Black Stretch Skinny Jeans


Basic lace  up ankle black boots will do the trick, here are some I found from TOPMAN:

TOPMAN “Locket” Black Plain Toe Boots



Suspenders + Bow-tie:

They can either be dark red or dark blue, but they have to match! The best place to look for both suspenders and bow ties is Ebay!

Sonic Screwdriver;

This can be found in many comic stores and even online… Ebay!


Grow it – Style it.

One must never forget the beautiful hair.


Fez + Mop:

Some props to make you seem more appropriate 🙂
A mop you can get from anywhere, but a Fez you can either buy it off Ebay or you may have to make your own.
This can be done very easily from either a small lamp shade, a small bin or even from paper! This will form it’s shape and it can either be covered in red fabric or painted red.
It really depends on how dedicated you are.


Here are some links which I found to be quite useful in deciphering what the most important pieces of clothing are in order to pull off the look:

Eleventh Doctor Costume – A site fully dedicated to costumes for the 11th Doctor – So very dedicated – AMAZING

Once Upon a Geek

Matt Smiths Hair – This is just a bit of fun

And this is just plain cute:

Matt Smith Crochet Doll

Courtesy of Pixelated Mushroom


LOve <3