DIY – Neon Cut -Out Necklace

After seeing a few neon spray painted jewellery DIYs from A Pair and a Spare, I was eager to try making some of my own.

Over the last few years I’ve been laser cutting parts of models for my Architectural course and in the process, there are always off-cuts and precautionary extra pieces that don’t get used. Some of the off-cuts this time round from the truss of my roof seemed quite appropriate for potential jewellery, so I got to work!

Here I’ve used some perspex off-cuts, but you can easily do the same DIY with supplies from the craft store or even cut your own design from cardboard. If you really can’t seem to find anything suitable, you can of course buy a large pendant that you think will make for a lovely neon cut-out necklace.


  1. Perspex pieces / cardboard pieces / found pieces / pendant
  2. UHU Glue, or any type of glue that will stick perspex or what ever material you decide to use. (unless you are not making the pendant from scratch)
  3. Spray Paint (white and neon colour of your choice)
  4. Jump Rings or Jewellery wire
  5. Chain
  6. Lobster claw or any sort of fastener you prefer.
  7. Round-nosed pliers
  8. Wire cutters


1. Glue pieces together

2. Spray paint a coat of white, wait to fully dry. Flip and do the same.

3. Spray paint a a coat of the chosen neon colour, wait to fully dry. Flip and do the same.

Note: Apply as many coats as necessary to get the colour right.

Note: Remember to let each coat of paint to fully dry before flipping to do the other side and before applying the next coat. 

Note: Also remember to place plain white paper on the ground before spray painting in a highly ventilated area. (Don’t use plastic like I’ve shown in the pictures because it will stick to the spray paint – I learned this the hard way)

4. Measure how long you want the chain to be. Cut chain. Cut chain equally in half. (You should now have two pieces of chain)

5. Attach jump rings to both sides of both pieces of chain

6. Attach jump rings to two ends of the pendant

7. Attach chain to pendant via jump rings.

8. Attach Lobster claw to one chain.

Note: if you intend on making your own jump rings, here is where you can find out how.


LOve <3


P.S. If you have visited and/or commented on this post before and realise that the post is slightly different or that your comment is missing, this is because I had to rebuild the entire site recently and I lost all my content from the last month. If there is anything particularly important missing, please let me know and feel free to comment again. Sorry for the inconvenience.



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