DIY – Lace Shorts

The lace trend has exploded all over the place and being someone who love lace and anything granny, this has pleased me greatly. If you have been following, you will know that I had a heap of fabric left from my last lace DIY adventure and I’d been saying that I wanted to make a pair of lace shorts… so I did!

Here’s a tutorial so you can make your own too.


I took the pattern from an existing pair of shorts and traced it out of two types of fabric, one from lace and one from a lining fabric (it’s like making two pairs of shorts in one). You can use the same pattern for any other pair of shorts sans the lining layer. Best to use a pair of shorts that are already elasticated and to stretch it out before tracing as this will make life easier with fitting. If you want to see full instruction on how make shorts I’ll be more than happy to whip up a pair to show you since no one can have too many shorts for summer!


1. Trace template and cut

2. Cut pieces out of lace and lining (x4 pieces of each fabric)

3. Hem the bottom of the lining

4. Pin lining to lace (on the inside) and sew it on. (you should now have x4 pieces all up)

5. Place pieces right side facing each other and pin together. (you should now have 2 pieces all up)

6. Sew sides of each piece.

7. Turn one piece side side out and place inside other piece, then pin crotch.

8. Sew crotch

9. Hem the bottom on the shorts

10. Fold top of shorts over twice and pin (make sure it is wide enough to fit the chosen elastic).

11. Sew waistband and leave a small gap.

12. Thread elastic through with safety pin attached.

13. Sew elastic together and sew up gap.

If you have any queries feel free to contact me or comment.

Have fun!

LOve <3


P.S. If you have visited and/or commented on this post before and realise that the post is slightly different or that your comment is missing, this is because I had to rebuild the entire site recently and I lost all my content from the last month. If there is anything particularly important missing, please let me know and feel free to comment again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  1. Wow, this is not usually something I would like, but I absolutely love how they turned out..with a sewing machine and your tutorial it’s not too difficult to do, I am tempted to try, I’ve tweeted it to find it easier 😉
    I reconstructed an old turtleneck into a top with lace panels and a peter pan collar, please check It out:

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