DIY – Adjustable Tribal Belt


  • Trim / leather / or any preferred belt material (get half a metre more than your largest size measurement)
  • Fabric glue / UHU is my favourite multi-purpose glue
  • Large press stud buttons (2 sets or as many sets of sizing you require)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Needle and thread

Tools for DIY adjustable belt


Note: I didn’t cut the trim to my waist measurements at first because I was not sure how much trim I would use to create the folded effect, so I worked on one end first.

1. Glue end of trim to stop fraying. Let it dry.

2. Fold and glue the end down so the end is not on display.

End of belt

3. Fold and glue the end of the trim the way you would like it to look. (Decorative folds)

Note: I didn’t use too much glue to start off with in case I made a mistake and also to avoid spillage. Once I had the folds in the position I liked, I reinforced the folds with more glue. Apply pressure and wait to dry.
Tribal Trim

Now that the folds are all done the belt can be cut to size.

4. Measure the largest size you would like the belt to be, add a little excess and cut to size.

5. Repeat step 1 and 2 to the other end of the trim (non-folded detail end). Glue edge to prevent fraying, then glue end down to hide edge.Tribal Belt

6. Create a hidden belt loop behind the first fold of the decorative folds as shown in the pictures below.

Hidden belt loop

Apply pressure by placing your finger through the loop not over it, you don’t want to stick the loop together!

Make sure to glue any ends down to prevent fraying.

7. Sew on the press stud buttons

  • You will need two sets of buttons and will be using one ‘side A’ and both ‘side B’ of the the two sets.
  • Sew one side A to the end of the non-folded end and sew the ‘side B’s’ to the where the belt will fit you are the smallest and the largest. You can add more ‘side B’s’ if you want more variation in lengths.

Belt stud buttons

Adjustable belt

The final product ^_^LOve <3



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