Short and a Little Grunge

I had a DIY jewellery frenzy last week and thought that I would display them in this outfit đŸ™‚

I’ve been making my own clothes for a while now and recently, my own jewellery, but I never thought the day would come where half the things I put on would be made by me! it’s kind of a pleasant feel really. Especially when i get complimented on the things I make ^_^

Dress: Country Road

Shoes: Steve Madden

Bag: Who is Hue

Bracelet: DIY

Necklace: DIY

Vest: DIY

The tutorials for the jewellery will be coming soon!

Also if you are paying close attention to many of the other DIY blogs you will notice that the spike bracelet is very much inspired by similar projects found on Swellmayde and Thanks I Made It.

One weird thing that happened that day. When coming back from an errand I drove past this:

Office Chairs IN the tram stop bench – odd? just a little.

I feel like I know a likely suspect… -.-


LOve <3


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