DIY – Spike Chain Bracelet

Ever since spotting this DIY project from Swellmayde and Thanks I Made It, I pondering for quite a while about whether I should make this bracelet, how I might change it and where I might get the materials from. I finally went to good old Ebay and ordered a few pyramid cone spikes and a few different chains to make this.

I was quite surprised at the price of the spikes, they came up to $1 each! (I was expecting them to be cheaper, but they are good quality ones though)

I also added a few extra chains to give it a more chunky look – I like chunky 😉


  • 5 cone pyramid spikes
  • UHU glue (or any glue which will adhere metal)
  • Large chain (large enough for the screws of the spikes, but not too big where the screws will fall through)
  • Small chain (optional)
  • Jump rings (or jewellery wire and wire cutters)
  • End clasp


1. Cut chains to size

Note: With larger chains, you may not be able to cut through them so use two pairs of pliers to pull apart a ring to remove the intended bits

2. Add spikes to chain

Note: I suggest gluing these in either now or later because you won’t be able to screw them in tight enough which will lead to spikes falling off while you wear it.

3. Attach the ends of all the chains to jump rings (Learn to make jump rings from here)

4. Attach the end clasps to the ends of the bracelet.

LOve <3




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