DIY – Braided Wrap Bracelet [Christmas Inspired]

In the spirit of Christmas I’ve been wondering how to create a jewellery piece I could wear for the occasion.

My main problem was my use of colour, I have been trying to use whites and reds to create a candy cane effect and completely neglected that green was an important shade in the Chrissy equation! Lucky I found some forest green rope from a previous costume hidden in my closet 🙂

I had some left over yarn from a hat, rope from a costume and plenty of chain to use for this project. A great DIY to use up some spare strands of anything lying around.

The type of braid I’ve used is slightly different to the usual three strand technique. I’ve kept two strands static and used the third strand to wrap over and under the static ones.


  • Three rope/chain types. At least one has to be a chain. Static strands to be as long as you want it to wrap around your wrist. Wrapping strand to be 3 times longer (x2 pieces if using yarn – x2 length if intending to create rope)
  • Hex nuts
  • Jump rings
  • Wire cutters and pliers (optional – for making jump rings)
  • End clasp


Firstly I prepared the yarn and turned it into rope. This is not necessary but I will show you how it is done in case you want to do the same. As long as you have three kinds of rope like pieces you can do this project. However the wrapping material should be more malleable or thinner as this will ease the process and at least one of the materials should be a chain. The differing sizes and types of materials really adds texture to this piece.

1. Cut static ropes to 80cm. Cut yarn to 3m (x2).


2. Tape the end of the yarn down (you can also close a door onto the yarn to keep it in place while twisting)

3. Start twisting the yarn until taut

4. Fold twisted piece in half, hold onto the fold and let go of the ends.

This will twist the two halves together. Pull along the twist to neaten it up.

5. Glue the ends of the ropes to prevent fraying and unravelling.

You will now have all your ropes ready.

6. Thread all pieces through the hex nut.

7. Glue into the hex nut to secure all ropes into place. Wait to dry. Trim off all excess except for the chain.

8. Braid/wrap the three strands together- wrap the longest strand over and under each static strand.

Essentially, the two non-wrapping strands will sit side by side and the other wrapping rope (yarn) will go between the static strands to keep them in place.

The picture below show how to achieve the look:


9. If you run out of yarn (like I did), here is how I added more:

  • Cut another two strands of yarn and thread it through the loop of the original yarn strand (braided in)
  • Tape down and twist
  • Once twisted, pull yarn through to halfway point, pinch and let go of ends.
  • The yarn rope strand should now be extended

10. Once at the end of the braid, tie off the wrapping strand

11. Thread all strands through another hex nut. Glue and trim, leaving chain excess.

12. Adjust the chain according to desired length.

13. Add Jump rings and end clasps to the ends of the chains.


I hope you like this festive piece and have time to give it a try yourselves!

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below and I will get back to you.

LOve <3




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