O Candy Tree, O Christmas Tree

Over the last couple of years the boyfy and me decided to start a Christmas tree tradition. Coming for a fairly secular and Asian background, I’ve never had a Christmas tree before 2009 and the boyfy has been away from home for so long that he has never had one out of his parents house before 2009.

This is third year with the same tree and the same decorations. HOWEVER, our new housemate suggested EDIBLE TREATS and this made my eyes pop out of my head. I don’t know why I’d never thought of it before but it truly was a fantastic idea.

Clearly, this was not a new idea as the supermarket sold colourful foiled chocolate bobbles with string. As you can see we’ve got chocolate bobbles (apparently not the best tasting chocolate and also not the best to eat in the Australian Summer), candy canes and some left over Chupa Chups.

A few ideas for edible decorations:

  • Lollipops – wedged between the leaves
  • Chocolate bobbles – hung
  • Candy Canes – hung
  • Gingerbread cookies wrapped in plastic – hung
  • (any thing can be wrapped in plastic and hung off the tree really)

Makes a great treat for guests every time they pass the tree 😉 – also for Christmas morning present opening (just to sweeten the event even more)

I’m now thinking of a gingerbread tree to go on top of the tree for next year maybe – TREECEPTION!

No one in the house is particularly religious so we tend to have a different top ornament every year. This year is my little Rabbid Mii ^_^

We’ve also added a few small plushies onto the tree just because we could

So what other lovely treats would you put onto your tree this year? Only a few more days to Christmas – but you can always add sweeties to your tree any time 😉

LOve <3