DIY – Chandelier Necklace

Final DIY Chandelier NecklaceAfter all that holiday cheer, I am back to making things!

A couple of months ago I found a few brightly coloured  chandelier necklaces made from cubed beads. I thought they were quite unique, most chandelier necklaces then to be of the rhinestone variety or made from round beads.

After a few trials I finally came up with one that I quite liked. The use of the jet hematite cube beads coupled with the chain seemed fitting. Also, after trying out a few intricate techniques, it turned out the simpler ones created a more admirable effect. So again, simple is better!


  • Round nosed pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Jewellery wire (20 gauge)
  • Cube Hematite Beads (4mm)
  • Silver chain
  • Lobster claw


1. Align the number of beads you would like in each tier to get a feel of the look
2. Create ‘P’ wires long enough to fit the beads with excess to close it off

3. Thread the beads through the each wire
4. Close off each tier

5. Create jump rings to attach the tiers to the chain (Learn to make jump rings from here)

6. Cut the chain to the desired length. This necklace is best worn as a choker or close to the neck.

7. Attach each tier to the chain with the jump rings

8. Attach one jump ring to each end of the chain

9. Attach the lobster claw to one jump ring on the end chain

With the Christmas just around the corner, maybe do one with reds, greens and whites (or even add bells!) to get into the spirit of the season!

You can also expect to see this technique fairly often in the next few DIY posts.

So think chandelier, tiered, cubed and dangling 😉

LOve <3




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