50’s Skirt Obsession

A quick overview of my current obsession:

Over the Christmas period I’ve gone skirt sewing crazy with my discovery of simple 50’s skirt construction.

I’ve compiled a skirt trend overview of the last couple of years and upcoming 2012. 50’s full, flared skirts are in and are staying in as it seems. Mind you, I don’t usually follow trends, but since my ridiculous amounts of sewing I wanted to see if I’ve been sub-consciously told that these skirts are awesome (apart from seeing them in vintage shops) – I was right. Not only according to me are these full flared skirts still the cutest thing right now, but also according to many designers apparently.

Pictures Courtesy of Style and Mad Men

These pictures were found after making about 5 of these skirts and then thinking, ‘oh my god there must be something wrong with me, I’m making WAY too many skirts’. But now my creations are validated and I can continue with my life. ^_^

Anyway through out the month I will be posting a series of my projects for you to have a peek accompanied with tutorial pictures and/or links. Though most of the projects are skirts, there will be one dress transformation into top and skirt separates. Stay tuned!

LOve <3