DIY Ruffled Waist Mini Skirt

DIY Elasticated Tulip SkirtSo this skirt was originally a massive dress debacle. The fabric was originally intended for a summer dress, but I screwed up the top half and was getting majorly impatient – and then – this skirt emerged from the mess!

I actually really love the green with the mauve fabrics together, the patterns and the colours are so fun and compliment each other too 🙂

I like to think of this skirt as a tulip because it makes me feel like one of those children in a school play acting as a singing flower in the background whenever I wear it. Not that it’s really in a ‘tulip skirt’ – quite far from really.

50’s Skirt Adventure #4: Twill Full Mini with Stretch Waist Band

All the fabrics were cotton. When doing this type of ‘shirred’ elastic waistband I find it best to use a very thin fabric, otherwise sewing the lines in becomes unpleasant.

I didn’t do a full photo series with this skirt as it was not intended to be included. However, if you have been reading my last few posts, you will get the gist of the construction with the final photos. The only thing I will explain will be the way I’ve done the waistband.


  • Sewing Machine
  • Fabric
  • Thin Knit Elastic
  • Thread
  • Fabric Scissors


1. Cut Fabric (skirt + waistband)

  • Unlike the previous skirts, the fabric for the waistband should fit the top of the skirt, not to your waist. So it will be quite large.
  • The whole top is going to be (for lack of a better term) shirred – or gathered with an elasticated waistband.
  • There should also be two waistband pieces. This is so that the elastic pieces can be inserted between them later.

2. Sew front and back  pieces together (mauve colour) – both sides – no zip to be inserted

3. Attach the waistband fabric pieces to the skirt.

  • Right sides of the waist fabric pieces should be facing out.
  • The waist should be attached with the right side of the skirt facing the waistband.

4. Sew lines into the waistband, leaving a gap in each line where elastic can be threaded through. I sewed 6 lines.

  • Make sure the spacing between the lines can fit the thin elastic you should have chosen.

5. Thread elastic pieces through all the lines created with a small safety pin attached. Sew elastic. Sew gaps.

Elasticated Tulip Skirt Detail

6. Seal up the top of the waistband either by folding the tops inwards and sewing the top or adding a trim.

  • Remember to pull the fabric taut while sewing. Having the elastic inserted may make this slightly difficult.

7. Add trim to the top if desired.

  • I turned the leftover fabric into a ribbon and attached it to the top of the waistband. I made sure the length was the size of the waistband before adding the elastic. This is why the elastic pulls the top in and creates the tulip like frills.

Due to the creation of this skirt being an accident, I may have gone through making this skirt in a somewhat backward manner and I have given the instructions of constructing this skirt as if it were intended to be developed rather than giving the actual steps that I went through.

DIY Elasticated Tulip Skirt

DIY Elasticated Tulip Skirt

If you have any queries please let me know and I’ll try to help you out!

LOve <3