DIY Spike + Howlite Collar Necklace

I really liked the DIY necklace from Thanks, I Made It made from these turquoise spiked Howlite beads but I wanted a to add a little more to it. So once my spike pendants arrived in the mail along with my other supplies, I was onto this project like a fat kid on cake, hence the pictures may be a little dark from doing this in the middle of the night.


  • Howlite spiked beads
  • Spike Pendants
  • Chain
  • Jump Rings / Jewellery wire (18 -22 gauge half hard)
  • Lobster Clasp
  • Wire Pliers and Cutters


Think of think project as a necklace with many pendants and the Howlite spikes in groups make up one pendant.

1. Figure out how many Howlite beads you want in one pendant and lay out the pieces to get the right feel for the final.

2. Cut out a wire piece that will fit the Howlite beads of one pendant.

3. Using round-nosed pliers, create a eyelet at the end of the wire.

4. Thread the beads onto the wire.

5. Close up the wire. You will now have one pendant piece. Create as many of these as you like.

6. Lay out pendants, spikes, jump rings, chain and clasps the way you expect it to look.

You may notice the way that I’ve laid out the pendant pieces is different to how the final looks. I tweaked things here and there because it was not sitting right previously. 

7. Attach all the pieces together by attaching the pendant and spikes to jump rings.

8. Attach clasps to the chain and chain to the pendants with jump rings.


LOve <3





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  1. Love the idea. I just made a knot necklace myself. – Tomorrow on my blog

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