DIY Halter Shirt – Shirt Transformation #1

After a couple of my housemates left to teach in Japan I went through some of their discarded items to see if there was anything I could rework. I found this purple men’s shirt that I quite liked the colour of so I decided to turn it into a halter top.


  • Men’s shirt
  • Sewing Machine


1. Start with the men’s shirt

2. Cut off sleeves and crop the bottom off.

3. Cut the front diagonally from the bottom of the armholes to the side of the collar

4. Cut along the back, under the collar and between the arm holes

5. Bring in what is left of the back piece to fit your body

6. Hem all raw edges.

  • I did this with a rolled hem presser foot.

7. Gather the fabric between the collar and the underarm to create a ruffled effect.

  • I did this by basting this area and pulling to create a gathered look
  • I then sewed the ends with a closer stitch to keep it from unravelling.

The final product:

A few other shirt transformations are coming soon!

LOve <3


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