DIY Cut Out Shirt – Shirt Transformation #2

Another reworked project from a pile of second hand men’s clothes!

This time there is no collar and part of the back has been cut out. I’ve been doing a lot of cut-outs recently due to the almost unbearable heat of Aussie Summer.


  • Sewing machine
  • Men’s shirt
  • Fabric scrissors
  • Pins


1. Cut off arms, collar and excess bottom.

Make sure not to cut off the binding of where the sleeve meets the body of the shirt

2. You are left with the basic shirt shape to work with

3. Cut a boat neckline into the top of the shirt.

The shirt should be large enough where the shoulders will act as a sleeve

4. Seam the sides of the shirt to fit


4. , 5. Fold the shirt precisely in half and cut a triangle into the back as shown. Leave some space around the triangle for later hemming.

6. , 7. Cut small slits in to the corners of the triangles as shown

8. Fold the flaps in, pin, and sew.


9. Hem all raw ends except for the sleeve ends as there will be binding already there.

I think I would have liked this top more in a different print, the stripes make me think pyjamas. I found it quite hard to match it to anything, but I think the mustard pants go well with it 🙂

LOve <3



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  1. This is the first time that I saw your blog but I have to say that you are great at what you do. I have done 3 of these already plan a few more cause I have 5 girls that I sew for. They all love the top that I made for me. Thanks so much and keep the ideas coming! Cat

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