DIY Tribal Cuff

Having just received a pack of cuff bases I was eager to try out some tribal ideas on them. I’ve seen some cuff in stores recently which were very obviously hand-painted so I thought I would give it a go with some acrylic paint pens I’d found in Eckersleys.

You can view the steps I’ve gone through for both of these bracelets 🙂


  • Bangles / Cuffs
  • Paint Pens
  • Masking Tape
  • Spray Paint (optional)

Tutorial for Tribal Stripe Cuff (bare base):

1. Use acrylic paint pens.

2. Shake pen.

3. Press pen on paper to release the paint into the tip.

4. If the pen seems to run dry, just shake and press on surface.

5. Place tape on bangle.

6. Use pen to create line.

7. Peel tape off.

8. Repeat steps 5-7.

Tutorial for Diagonal Tribal Cuff (spray painted base):

1. Tape the inside of the cuff.

2. Spray paint the outside of the cuff – let dry thoroughly.

3. Place masking tape in desired design.

4. Outline masking tape with permanent pen.
5. Peel tape off.

6. Neaten areas where spray paint may have peeled off.

7. Use paint pens to fill in areas between black outlines.

8. Done!

LOve <3



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  1. These are fo cool! Where did you get the cuff/bangles? I’ve been looking for some for about a year now and haven’t been able to find any plain ones to decorate.

    1. I got them from Ebay (seller called Fantasybeading)- Ebay is the best place to find supplies!

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