DIY Swarovski Pearl Cluster Bracelet

After seeing Kohl’s Cares Simply Vera Vera Wang Cluster Bracelet, I was determined to make my own! It’s not like buying it would have been expensive, I just really wanted to use Swarovski crystals in a project and this was the perfect inspiration. The difference between the my version and the original, is the base used. I was a bit lazy and decided to create the look with a simple chain where as the Vera Wang Bracelet used a chain-mail base made form jump rings. Even though making this base would have been AWESOME, I simply wouldn’t have the patience.

Kohl’s Cares Simply Vera Vera Wang Cluster Bracelet
Source: Polyvore 


  • Chain
  • Beads
  • Jump rings
  • Head Pins
  • Round-nosed pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Toggle clasp ends or lobster clasp ends

Types of Swarovski I’ve used in the below photo

(from left to right):

5000 Round, 10mm 

5000 Round, 6mm

Crystalized Pearl, 8mm

 Crystalized Pearl, 4mm


1. Start to create the head pin components.

2. Place bead onto head pin and trim head pin to length.

3. Bend the pin 90 degrees above the bead.

4. Create a loop with round head pliers (a more detailed tutorial on this can be found below).

For a better tutorial on how to create the head pin loop click here:

5. Once you have created a few beads on head pins, start to attach them to the chain.
6. Attach as many as you want to the chain to create a very clustered and baubled effect.

Here I’ve used a little tray to help me organise all my beads in the different stages of head pin loop creation.

7. Attach the clasp ends with jump rings to finish off the bracelet.DONE!

LOve <3


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