DIY Doiley Lamp [Inspiration]

I have been LOVING Pinterest. You can find so many awesome DIYs – fashion, accessories, home… and so much more!

I recently found a few home DIY projects or hanging DIY project which I sadly cannot do because I am renting and am not allowed to drill holes into the wall or attach bits to the ceiling. I have mostly been posting the DIY projects which I have personally done, but I thought, “why should this stop me from sharing awesome ideas with you??”

The first one I would like to share with you is potentially a ‘it’s so ugly, it’s cute’ sort of thing depending on your taste. But in my eyes I think it is soooo cute. When I get my own place, there will definitely be a room full of them.

I’ve found two instructions that show how to make them.

I would love to credit the first blue doiley lamp instructions but the Pinterest picture did not lead to a blog.

Source: Pinterest

My interpretation of the pictures:

1. Soak  doileys in PVA and water mixture (or another adhesive)

2. Blow up a balloon and cover with vaseline.

3. Place PVA soaked doileys on the balloon as desired.

4. Let the PVA dry.

5. Pop the balloon and carefully peel it away from the doiley shape.

6. Cut a hole where you want the bulb to sit.


Here is another tutorial collage I found from More Design Please

Source: More Design Please & Dos Family

The original instructions for this project can be found from Dos Family

Aren’t they just adorable?? I am a little overly excited about these lamps and I do hope someone tries them out!

LOve <3



3 Replies to “DIY Doiley Lamp [Inspiration]”

  1. I like the second one a lot more than the first one – light colours for the lamp seem to work much better. I like the first one when the light is off. >_> Also, re: step 6 – it doesn’t look like they cut a hole, just made sure the centre of the central doily was aligned with the bulb – but I don’t know how they attached the bulb… argh

    1. I really want to make one, but have no where to put it!
      I believe you would have to put a hole through the top unless one already existed in order to thread the cord through the lamp and then assemble either the bulb and socket under or have that all made and assemble the connection to the ceiling.

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