DIY Magnetic Make-up Board [Inspiration]

This project is from Laura Thoughts.

Source: Laura Thoughts

This is such a great project! Fantastic when you are limited for space but have lots of make-up in bags, drawers and boxes lying around the bedroom or dresser.

It is basically a picture frame with a metal backing covered in a pretty fabric where art would usually sit. Magnets are then stuck to the back of all your make-up pieces or at the back of pen holders which can then be taken off the picture frame board as needed.

I’ve seen so many jewellery holders in the form of frames and chicken wire, but never a make-up holder so I thought this was quite unique.

Laura also makes and sells them if you are unsure about what materials to buy or don’t have the time to make one.


LOve <3


4 Replies to “DIY Magnetic Make-up Board [Inspiration]”

  1. What type of magnets did you use? I bought a magnet strip with adhesive on one side, but it isn’t strong enough to hold…help.

    1. This project was actually done by another blogger from Laura Thoughts. From what I can see though, adhesive magnetic strips would definitely not be strong enough. You would have to get proper strong magnets (which I’ve purchased off Ebay before) and use either a glue gun or another glue that can be uses on metals to glue then onto your products. Hope that helps 🙂

    1. Again, I have to clarify that I did not create this project and that it from Laura Thoughts. If you have any specific questions about this project I’m sure she would be happy to help you out.

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