DIY Galaxy Cuff

After seeing galaxy prints everywhere and a few galaxy shoe DIYs (which I will be doing one soon as well :)), I thought of making a galaxy cuff!

This idea came about during a long conversation with another blogger friend, throwing ideas around and being completely obsessed with galaxy prints – Proof that ridiculously long phone calls with your girlfriends are not always just fun and a waste of time, it can be fun and useful!

Anyway, back to the tutorial. It is very simple, I looked at a few DIY galaxy nails and basically repeated the process onto a cuff. You can use acrylic paint instead of nail polish, I just happened to have all the necessary colours in my nail polish collection (many which were getting a bit old). This is a great way to use up your old nail polish stash that may need replacing.


  • Cuff Base
  • Sponge
  • Palette
  • Spray Paint (Black)
  • Nail Polish – in the following colours
  • Dark Blue
  • White / Silver
  • Hot pink
  • Yellow (neon preferable)
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Green (neon preferable)

If you don’t have all the colours it’s okay, you can mix colours to get the ones you want.

#Tip: If you do not want to use nail polish, use acrylic paint mixed with an adhesive and varnish agent. It will help the paint stick to the surface and also reduces cracking and peeling.


1. Spray paint the base cuff.

  • Place Masking tape on the inside of the cuff. This way you won’t have to worry about spray painting the inside of the cuff too.
  • Spray paint black evenly onto the outside of the cuff.
  • Let dry completely.
2. Cut the sponge into small pieces

You will be using this to apply the paint

3. Place silver or white paint onto a scrap piece of paper and dab the sponge into it.

4. Start applying the paint onto the cuff in flurry lines over the cuff.

This will act as the base of the nebula.

5. Start to layer other paint colours onto the cuff, inside the nebula.

My next colour was a grey after the silver because I didn’t have white. 

6., 7. The next colour to apply is the neon yellow, still in the middle of the nebula.

8. The next few colours to apply inside the nebula, getting smaller as we get towards the middle are orange and pink. Remember to keep inside the yellow.

Once the inside of the nebula is pretty much done, I then started to use blues, greens and purples to blend the edges of the nebula into the black.

The mess I made in the process 🙂

The final finishing steps:

  • use a very light colour, preferrably white and a toothpick to put dots on the cuff (stars).
  • Stick rhinestones on the cuff (shiny stars).
  • Spray a varnish finish over the top of everything.
  • Remove masking tape.
The final pictures show the edges as a little bit rough. If you can concerned about this, simply use a permenent market to neaten things up. If you are particualrly pedantic, just be extra careful when spray painting to cover everything.

There we have it! I’ve made an extra one for a friend of mine because she liked the original one so much.

One of my favourtie projects so far. I hope you like it too.

LOve <3




Since the creation of these two cuffs, I have been making many prototypes using different paints and varnishes to test which are the best options. I will be opening an Etsy store soon and these cuffs will most definitely be one of the products on sale. I hope to hear from you when the store opens!


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  1. Thanks for sharing this! One question- what type of base spray paint and finishing varnish did you use? Acrylic?

    1. I used the brand Ironlak for spray paint. It allows any sort of acrylic paints to be used on any surface once applied. You can use polymer varnishes which are flexible or a polyurethane varnish which is hardier but is not flexible at all (however, it seems to work on the cuffs).

      I hope this helps! 🙂

      1. Thanks for responding! I’m still new to the DIY scene- hadn’t heard of Ironlak but it sounds we are going to become good friends. I hope to use your tutorial to finally decorate some cuff bases I have actually lying around. If I do get around to doing something I’ll let you know. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. These are beautiful! Question: Where do you buy the cuff bases? Every time I look for cuffs, they’re designed and whatnot. >_<

    1. You can get them from jewellery suppliers either on Ebay or from online sellers with their own websites. If you know any jewellery supply stores in your area, they may have them too.

  3. i LOVE these!
    I’m doing a galazy DIY collection post on my blog on friday and I will be adding these to it for sure. 🙂
    Hope you like the feature. 🙂


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