DIY Neon Lined Lace Skirt

After searching for the right lace for weeks I finally found the right fabrics for this project!

Basically, a two layered bodycon skirt with an exposed zip.


  • Stretch neon fabric
  • Thick lace
  • Exposed zip – length of skirt
  • Bodycon skirt template
  • Sewing machine
  • Other essentials


After cutting fabric to approximate size with excess.
1. Pin lining and lace together so 4 pieces become 2. (in picture (1) I’ve cut the neon in half on the right, this was a mistake – life will be easier if you leave it as one piece)

2. Finish the bottom of each layer.

  • Hem the bottom of the neon skirt
  • Cut the bottom of the lace following the pattern.
3. Create the front and back piece of the skirt
For the back piece (with zipper)-
  • Place lace on the neon as you would like it shown, pin in place.
  • Place zip where you would like it to sit, pin in place. (remember that you will have to finish the fold the top down to finish it later)
  • Sew zip onto fabric
For the front piece –
  • Place lace on the neon as you would like it shown, pin in place.

4. Assemble the skirt

  • Place the front and back pieces right sides facing each other.
  • Trace bodycon skirt onto the pinned fabric.
  • Sew side seams. Cut off excess.
  • Flip right side out.

5. Finish the zipper

  • open the zip and cut right down the middle.
  • Cut fabric to closer to seam to avoid the zip catching onto the fabric.

6. Fold down the top of the skirt, pin in place.

7. Finish off the top of the skirt

The neon skirt was my first go at bodycons, stretch fabric with lace and exposed zips so the whole tutorial may be a little choppy. The other skirt was made without stretch fabric as the base so if you are not using a stretch base, make sure you size it larger or make the excess hems larger so you can resize the skirt later.

If you are planning on creating the non-exposed lace bottom skirt (the black one), you can create the whole skirt (hemmed and all) and then add the zip AFTER which will actually be much easier. I’ve created a stretch bodycon dress in the same way I’ve made these skirts (without a zip) but have made it too short so I will be converting it into a skirt soon so I can show you how to add the zip to the skirt at the end in a later tutorial if you like 🙂

LOve <3



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