DIY Wrap Tribal Bracelets

tribal bracelet

I have been requested to make a few of these tribal bracelets as seen on I Spy DIY by a friend of mine, so I thought I would share my version of these cute simple pieces.

There are a few differences in the way I’ve decided to do this project. My friend didn’t like the button used in Jenni’s version so I simplified it.



1. Fold the leather strap in half , creating a loop. Tie the embroidery thread around the loop to secure it.

2. Start wrapping one colour around all the threads and leather, switch colours when desired.

3. Take all thread and wrap and knot the end of the bracelet.

4. Braid the remaining leather and thread together and knot the end.


This is how the ends look like knotted up.

A super quick and simple project anyone can enjoy!

LOve <3


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