DIY Yarn Storage / Basket Cover

The area around my computer desk has been a complete mess lately! It’s covered in papers, sewing things, crafty things and lots of fabric and yarn. I had a fit of the cleaning bug and decided to try and organise everything the other day. It’s still a work in progress as I’m trying to create neat storage in a small corner of the room, but I thought I would show you a simple way I’ve decided to store my yarn with the materials I had at the time.

I found a woven basket in the laundry room the other day which I have no recollection of how we came into possession of it. It seemed like if it was not going to be used, it was going to be thrown out, so I commandeered it for my yarn! The only problem was I have A LOT of yarn and it was likely to collect dust in the basket with lack of use – so with the spare fabric I had (also lying around) I made a cover  for it 🙂

Anyway so this is what you will need for basket storage.



1. Cut a circle  larger than the circumference of the basket hole out of the fabric.

2. Cut a long rectangular piece from the fabric. Long enough to wrap around the circumference of the basket hole.

3. Fold the rectangle in half long ways (right sides facing out) and pin to the right side of the circular piece.

4. Sew the rectangle piece to the circular piece, leaving a gap for the elastic to be placed in.

5. Using a safety pin to guide the elastic, thread the elastic through the gap around the circumference of the cover.

6. Pull the elastic out the other opening, sew ends together.

7. Sew the gap shut.

You now have a cover than will fit over your basket and will keep your yarn from getting dusty!

Unfortunately, I had more yarn than anticipated and may need another basket! However, I find this is a good way to store yarn in moderate quantities if you knit occasionally. If I had an open shelf I could make myself a  knitting shelf of multiple baskets organising my yarn into colour, ply and texture and even have storage for my needles.

More updates soon on my quest to clean up my desk 🙂


LOve <3