DIY Top Hat Lamp [Inspiration]

After clicking through 9GAG for a little while I stumbled across this fantastic picture.

Source: Incredible Things

You can buy them from Bouf for 150 GBP (just over $250), but I thought this would be a great DIY project! These ones are made with real top hats that have been lined with an anodised aluminium (probably for fire hazard issues), so why not make it yourself?

With a hat, a hanging light socket and a drill, you could definitely do it.

If you are concerned about this being a fire hazard, you could line the hat yourself if you get your hands on some anodised aluminium from your local hardware store and also use a light bulb that gives off less heat like a compact fluorescent bulb or an LED bulb.

Like my love of the doiley lamp, if I had somewhere to hang this I would totally make one for myself.


I hope this inspired your inner dapper 😉

LOve <3