DIY Wrapped Spike Cuff

Taking inspiration from Swellmayde’s Tribal Wrapped Choker, I’ve made a cuff version with stiff spikes rather than freely dangling ones. I’m still obsessed with cuffs so I’ve been turning any inspiration into a bracelet for more arm candy!



Start on a cleanly polished cuff.

1. Place glue on the inside centre of the cuff.

2. Place thread on glue and start wrapping towards one side of the cuff.

3. Attach spikes to the cuff accordingly.

4. Continue wrapping and attaching spikes until one side is done.

5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 from the centre towards the other side of the cuff.

Note: Due to the wrapping direction being different, the spikes will have a different method of attachment. If you prefer, switch the direction of wrapping to duplicate the above steps directly.

If you liked this project but do not have access to the materials or do not have time to make your own, you will soon be able to purchase it from my upcoming Etsy store! I always try to use quality materials to ensure an excellent product. If you happen to also be in the Melbourne region, drop by the Mister Mode Fashion Night tomorrow and you’ll be able to pick one of these up in person!

Keep checking in for more projects and my store launch!

LOve <3



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