Wide Leg Pants [Inspiration]

I’ve been wanting to make a pair of uber wide leg pants for the longest time now. I figure, if I can make pyjamas pants as well as maxi skirts like I’ve shown you before, then I should able to make super wide leg pants!  They would be loose so there would be lots of space for error.

I was at Spotlight the other day and picked up a couple of metres of the perfect blue tribal wave fabric. I hope 2 metres is enough, because the print perfect!

However, this may be an idea to archive for when Spring arrives. The cold is really starting to set in and is becoming quite unpleasant. So for now I’ve just been gathering inspirational images to get my head around the construction process. The Kimberly Ovitz ones are amazing!

ASOS Floral Paper Bag Polazzo Pants


NOW $27.83

Kimberly Ovitz Wide Leg Pants


NOW $521.85

ASOS Silk Wide Leg Split Side Beach Pant


NOW $26.09

LOve <3



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  1. I look at these now and think of training pants. Ooo, but they would be perfect to hide warm (but ugly) leg warmers for cold days….hmmm…

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