DIY Detachable Hood

I created a cape jacket a while ago and have been contemplating the thought of adding a hood for a while now.

Now I’ve finally come around to doing it! – the best part is the hood doubles as a scarf/upturned collar making it extra warm.

Quick Hood Tutorial:

The hood was created by simply folding a rectangle in half and sewing one edge perpendicular to the fold. I then created a lining in the exact same way and then hemmed the edges of the two togeth

I did the same thing in my last post with the Kimono Jacket.


The end result being:

Once this was done, I then attached the hood using press stud buttons.

Unfortunately I did not take any pictures during the making of the hood, but I took plenty during the stud insertion process. (I found this part to be quite tedious)

So here are the tools I used to attach the hood to the jacket…


And a close up of all the bits of pieces the press stud kit includes. To make one button closure, there are 4 parts.

Tutorial for adding press stud buttons:

Before you start be sure of where you want the buttons to be and which side of the jacket and hood you want the buttons to close.

Don’t worry if you make mistakes though, the press stud buttons can be removed with big pliers.

Repeat that process as many times and wherever you want on the jacket and the hood.

I added more buttons to the jacket than the hood so I could wrap the hood around my neck and button it in different funky ways.

LOve <3



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  1. I absolutely looove this hood and jacket. Is there a tutorial for the jacket somewhere? I looked around but I didn’t see it. Very inspiring website, you are awesome! ^.^

    1. Hi Lacy, Thank you so much! I’m afraid I made the pattern myself for the jacket, so you may not be able to find it. I was inspired by a knit jacket by Claude Maus a few seasons ago and made it before I started this blog. So sorry I can’t help you. But If I create another one I’ll definitely post it!

    1. Lol and it would not have been possible without you or Lionel, as it is inspired by a Claude Maud knit 😀

  2. Hi,

    Please try making a tutorial on the jacket. I absolutely adore it, but can’t find a pattern for something similar;




    1. Thank you so much. I have been thinking about creating a spring version of the jacket in a lighter fabric without lining, so there may be one coming in the future 😉

  3. Oh should seriously put the tutorial of how to make the cape jacket up. I am literally dying over how cute it is. I really wanna make one, i can’t find anything else like it on the internet. If you can’t take pictures and recreate it, could you draw the steps out? It is so cute!!

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