DIY Dressing Table

So from my DIY Fairy Lights post, I said I had an ulterior motive for them and that I didn’t make them with the intention of lighting up my staircase.

I made a little make shift dressing table! – and the lights were just used to add a little something something to the whole composition.


  • Flat surface – in my case I created a table top with spare timber in class a few years ago.
  • Milk crates / boxes
  • Mirror
  • Organising boxes


It’s fairly straight forward…

  1. Place flat surface on two boxes
  2. Organise make up into boxes
  3. Add mirror
  4. Wrap mirror with lights


I’m so happy I made this. It’s nice having a little table with all my ‘getting ready’ needs in a space just for me 🙂

LOve <3