What to do with Fairy Lights

Following from the post a few weeks ago. So many people have asked me what to do with fairy lights. The only thing people seem to think of are Christmas trees (like here).

There is so much you can do with a bunch of fairy lights! They are an affordable investment to add a little whimsy to a room or event.

The key is quantity. If you have copious amounts of fairy lights, it will be awesome.

I’m usually very good about giving credit to the photos I use that are not mine. None of the above are. But to be honest, these images have been re-pinned and re-blogged so many times, I have no idea where the originals came from! If I knew where each image was from, I would be happy to hand credit out. But as it is, I hope that you enjoy the collection I’ve made.

Ranging from bedroom, lounge, home and outdoors, the possibilities are endless!

But let us not forget…

Can you tell I’m proud of this project? 🙂

Also instead of tulle, you could make the flowers out of paper! like in the tutorial here!

LOve <3



5 Replies to “What to do with Fairy Lights”

  1. I love the 4th picture. Its just beautiful.. I think I will try to decorate a corner in my bedroom this way!! 🙂

    1. It’s a curtain that can be made of a few different types of materials like muslin, tulle or lace.

    1. Hi Chelsey,

      I didn’t actually do the top few images myself. However if I were to hang them myself in this manner, I would probably hang them from the curtain rod behind the sheer fabric. Ceiling heights are generally 3 metres high, so depending on how big the window is and how twinkly you want it to be, you will need a lot of lights, at least 10 metres.

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