Storage Solution: Accessories

I’ve been on a bit of a cleaning frenzy for the last few weeks and one of the issues I was having was finding the appropriate storage solution for certain items.

I know many people don’t like using hooks due to the possibility of the hideous outcome or can’t because they are renting. I have found that they are not so bad.

If done correctly, the use of hooks can be quite neat and extremely functional. I went to bunnings and got myself a few mounted kitchen hooks and bars and here they are in action:

I used them for belts and long necklaces inside my wardrobe, which meant, no sticking to walls and they are hidden most of the time!

For my other jewellery pieces (because I have so much, no way was I going to able to store all that on my closet door), I went with a tool box and large bull dog clips. Yes bull dog clips. If you have open shelving like I do, this is perfect.

It allows you to use as many as you like and where ever you like. I was originally storing my necklaces in the box and I found it troublesome, I was considered kitchen hooks for a moment, but I liked the flexibility of these large clips.

I know I am quite late with the ‘how do I store my accessories’ post. Most other bloggers posted this months ago. But since I had just finished cleaning up parts of my room I thought this would be appropriate.

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