Storage Solution: Sweaters

I’ve been wondering how to store my sweaters for a long time now. I usually would just fold them up and place them in a small drawer or on the shelf inside my wardrobe. But I found that this led to an eventual messy pile. A neat sweater storage solution just never seemed possible.

So I had a search on Google and found that apparently the best way to store sweaters is by rolling them up in a drawer. I then had a squizz through Ikea and found these zip storage cases that are meant for under your bed. They are perfect!

All the wardrobes I’ve had over the years, moving from house to house, I realised I never had a big drawer where I could roll up my sweaters so I never tried.

Google was right – rolling sweaters are totally the way to go!

sweater storage solution

These are great for Summer storage as well. I intend on placing mothballs in them and just zipping them up – keep those nasty moths and silverfish away!

LOve <3



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