DIY Half Circle Maxi Skirt + Tie Waist

I love the colour of this fabric! When I saw it I knew I was going to making something simple and flowy.

This is a simple half circle skirt with a sash attached to the waist to allow for tightening.


  • Sewing Machine
  • Pins
  • Measuring Tape
  • Jersey Fabric
  • Fabric Scisscors


STRETCH CIRCLE skirt Instructions

I left the hem raw for a super flowy effect.

LOve <3



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  1. Hi, Thanks so much for the tutorial. i’m a little confused on the measurements? i understand how you got your numbers, just not sure where your measuring to and from? Hopefully my question makes sense?
    thanks again

    1. Um, I think I understand. lol.
      If you mean the length, like from the top curved end to the bottom curved end, its basically how long you would want your skirt to be minus the waist band. The top being where the waist band is attached. I hope that helps.

    1. hm I don’t quite remember, i think somewhere around2 hours. Just set aside an afternoon of craft time and you should get it done 🙂

  2. Great post! Definitely something I shall have a look at and make as Id love a maxi length skirt for the summer, but being 5 foot 1 it would be hard to one the right length 🙂 Just need to hunt down some nice fabric now..

  3. I hate to be a stickler, but your equasion is off.

    2 (pi) R = waist (FULL SKIRT)
    2 (pi) R = 2 x waist (HALF SKIRT)

    So to find the radius for a half-circle skirt, you’d simply need to divide waist measurement by 3.14 (pi). Because even though you’re only making half a circle skirt, you still need that half circle to go around your entire waist. I initially tried using your equasion to calculate the radius for my 40 inch waist and ended up with 3.2 inches. I knew that wasn’t right!

    1. Oh yes, I added another (divide by two) when it should have been (multiply by two). Sorry about that.
      The equation should be:

      R = waist / pi —> for a half circle skirt

      The problem with my making things is I make them and then come up with the equation after. lol. Sorry about any confusions.

    1. I used a lightweight jersey to get the right kind of flow and stretch

    1. It is twice of your waist plus another metre. I made it so that it would wrap twice.

    1. About 2 metres. I chose to make a half circle skirt because the width of the fabric was not wide enough for a full circle one.

  4. Hi, I was curious if you could send me the picture equation for this skirt pattern with the correct changes. I read the comment dialog but I didn’t know which numbers were corrections or the old ones. Sorry, i am not to savvy with sewing cloths, but I really like this one and would like to make right. Thanks =)

    1. Hi Rose, sorry for all the confusion, my math has slowly degenerated over the years of abandonment. The end result in the post is correct, where Radius=Waist/Pi
      If you are still confused because I’ve somehow stuffed up again, please let me know 🙂

  5. Hi! Sorry, but I am really bad at match but like your tutorial. How do I determine my waist if my waist size is 100cm? or 40 inches.
    Thank you!

    1. Also to clarify, this measurement is only for the half circle skirt 🙂

  6. I was wondering if I can use fabric other than jersey knit. I have some lightweight cotton that I would love to make a skirt out of like this.


    1. Hi Elizabeth, you could use another type of fabric as long as the drape is soft. If the cotton you have is very soft and creates a flowy drape effect, then it would be perfect. However, if it is a little stiffer, you could still use it, but it would turn out a little poofier and will have a more retro 60s/70s look to it.

    1. About 6 inches with a little extra for the seam. It’s quite a fat waist band.

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