Pretty Cute Shoes: Converse Sneakers

I know it has been QUITE  while since my last post. I apologize greatly for this.

But the process of moving oneself, life and belongings from one country to another can be quite hectic!

I only just received my shipped boxes (with half of my craft supplies missing!!) so there will be no DIY posts for a little wile yet.

I have however been getting back into my love of Converse sneakers and have a few ideas for new projects!

Here are a few basic models you can definitely add your own personal touch to.

The Classic Chuck Taylor Hi-Top

The Classic Chuck Taylor Plimsolls

All Star Lite Plimsolls (for a girlier touch)

Three simple cuts that look great on their own… or with some added embellishments!

These are sold ‘as is’ from Converse, but don’t you think it would be more fun to add these extra shiny bits yourself?



…And of course studs!

I really hope I’ll be able to replicate one of the shoes above!

LOve <3



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