DIY Charm Macrame Bracelet

Hey all, sorry for the super long break I’ve taken in updating PQP with another DIY post. Unfortunately I’ve lost most of my craft materials through shipping and moving countries 🙁

However… I didn’t lose them all!

I had enough to make a few of these macrame bracelets that I’ve been dying to do a post on for a while now!

These were around ages ago on so many DIY blogs. I felt left out when I didn’t instantly make one. So to make up for that, I made sooo many types!

Here is the first of a few I will be posting over the next month or so.



I will be posting a couple more varieties using the same knots soon 🙂

LOve <3



11 Replies to “DIY Charm Macrame Bracelet”

  1. I always get really happy when I see you’ve posted a DIY! Love this bracelet with the dangly charms. Posted two finished photos of your bracelet and a link back to you on truebluemeandyou.

    1. Thanks! Always great to hear regular readers still like my work 🙂
      Your blog also really helps me with new ideas for projects, so keep it up!

  2. I tried this with knitting wool and it cameout adorable. Granted, the pattern wasn’t as well visible, but it is a cute bracelet for winter or fall. Thanks for an awesome and easy to follow tutorial! X

    1. Thanks Melody, I’m glad you like it. I was afraid the images were a little small and following it might have been difficult. Nice touch with using wool, would make a nice winter addition 🙂

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