DIY Suspender Leggings

When I saw these leggings on Blackmilk, I KNEW I had to have them!

They seemed easy enough to make and I definitely didn’t want to pay for them, so clearly DIY was the way to go.


  • Leggings
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Marking Chalk


Suspender Leggings Instructions

  1. Put on the leggings
  2. Mark out the length of the cuts
    (i.e. two horizontal lines showing where the hole starts to where it ends)
  3. Take them off
  4. Make little vertical cuts along one of the markings
    – space these approximately 1cm / half an inch apart
  5. Once you’re happy with the placement,
    make the full cuts towards the second horizontal marking.

So a few snips later, there we have it!

I really like cutting things up, so I found this really fun. I hope you guys do too!

LOve <3



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