DIY: Changing Skirt Waistbands (SammyDress tulle skirt)

I’m always on the look out for tulle skirts or anything tutu related because I secretly just want to be a fairy.

So when I found this skirt from Sammydress for cheap I thought “why not?” – I was always very weary of cheap online stores that seems to sell all the things I wanted for a low price, but I figured if it wasn’t exactly what I wanted I could always DIY it better right?

So here is the original piece.

DIY tutu waist change before

My initial thoughts:

+Pro: I loved the outer tulle material, the colour was exactly as I envisioned and was the soft type of tulle I was looking for

Con-: I didn’t quite liked the waist band or the lining material

So my plan was to take out the lining and change out the waist band.

The final outcome!

DIY tutu waist change after 3


  • Elastic
  • Fabric
  • Pins
  • Sewing Machine


Instruction Layout - waist replacement tutu

It’s fairly simple and and done in the same way I would do most of my DIY skirts. I quite like the new contrasting waist band 🙂

I know some people would be wondering why I didn’t add a new lining, I quite like the idea of having a tulle skirt I could throw over my bodycons to add a little something extra to the mix. Plus I also own a fair amount of Blackmilk Clothing, so this would be a perfect addition!

DIY tutu waist change after 2DIY tutu waist change after 5

Here I am showing off the inner bodycon dress.

DIY tutu waist change after 1

Hope you liked it 😉

LOve <3



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