DIY Hair Tie Bracelet

Hair tie bracelet 2

This is a very simple one that I did the other day, just because I had a heap of elastic and embroidery thread lying around.

I always lose my hair ties, so I figure having some colour and bling on them would make them easier to spot around the room. Also this would look much nicer on the wrist as ¬†bracelet when it’s not in my hair. Yay for the hair tie bracelet!

Here is a quick run down.


What you need

For bling you can use any type of ring or anything you can thread elastic through really. You also don’t have to use embroidery thread, but I do find that it is the easiest thing to use for wrapped projects.

The glue you use should be either a multipurpose one that will glue anything together and not just paper (e.g. fabric, metal etc.) or super glue. I find super glue difficult to work with and UHU tends to be my go to glue. Just use whatever you are comfortable with.


Hair Tie Bracelet Instructions




I’ve also planned a few more sewing projects, but my supplies are packed up and in two different countries and searching for the right fabric in Malaysia is proving to be rather difficult, sooo these might take a while to form.

My posts are going to be rather erratic for the next year but hopefully you’ll still find something you like with the few posts I do end up publishing here and there.

LOve <3