DIY Chalk Board Paint

chalk board paint 2So carrying on from my last post, I want to show you how I made my own chalk board paint.

I saw the price for chalk board paint and remembered why I’ve never done anything related to it. It’s just so pricey! Especially for when I only want to cover a small surface area.

So I went into figuring out how to make my own 🙂


chalk board paint tools

Chalk Board Paint Formula:

  • plaster of paris (1 part)
  • acrylic paint (3 parts)
  • water (half of plaster)


Instructions:chalk board paint - instruction

I only used 2 tea spoons of plaster and the associated amount of paint and water and this created quite a fair bit of chalk board paint, well, more than I really needed to label a jar anyway. I placed the excess in a spare jar I had lying around so I can save it for another time.

chalk board paint

However, the use of a spare jar to hold your chalk board paint while you wait for the layers to dry between coats is also a good idea. This stops the paint from drying out and reduces wastage.

chalk board jar


This way is great, because you can adjust how much you need at the time and you can make it in any colour you want!

There are a few methods to making chalk board paint available online, this was my main source. This source is making chalkboard paint for furniture, but essentially it is the same thing. There are heaps of other websites that have the formula for making  chalkboard paint, but I found this one particularly informative.

I chose this method as it is the cheapest option and the materials are easy to get from any craft store. All up, the cost is half of what I would have paid if i had bought chalk board paint out right.

Maybe I can use it to coat some furniture next time!

LOve <3



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