Travel: Jakarta, Indonesia

I haven’t really posted much about travel previously as I didn’t think that I did too much of it within a year to grant making it a regular thing on this site. But since I’ve had some time off 9-5 work in the last few months I have been travelling a little more recently. Mostly back and forth from Norway with a few getaways in between.

I recently made a long over due trip to Jakarta to visit  a friend,  who has been  trying to get me to visit for the longest time (since high school!) and I really enjoyed it!

I didn’t do much in terms of travelling around Jakarta and venturing out to the wilderness of Indonesia (as wonderful as that would have been as well), but since my friend is a city person, I figured a city trip to Jakarta would be just as enlightening.



First things first – the food . was . amazing . Originally being from Malaysia instantly implies an insatiable and inherent love for food where the mention of something delicious would immediately send my sensory triggers into a frenzy.

So here are a few images of the drool developing nomminess of what I encountered:


Essentially a simple dry noodle dish. Noodles, meat, veggies in a combination of sauces which I am not completely sure what is in it.

jakarta bakmi prep

jakarta bakmi



A soup noodle dish in a chicken broth complete with beef balls. Simple and delicious.

jakarta bakso


Sop Buntut / Oxtail Soup

Fairly self explanatory. Just Indonesian style.

jakarta sop buntut oxtail soup



Another soup/gravy dish that can be eaten either with noodles, rice or both! I am again not completely sure what is in the soup, I just know it’s super tastey and an Indonesian staple.

jakarta soto


Tahu Gejrot

Fried tofu skin drizzled in vinegar, palm sugar, garlic, shallots and chili. Found easily sold by roadside vendors. One of my favourites.

jakarta tahu gejrot



Another deep fried dish and a specialty in Bandung. Tofu wrapped in fish cake.

Also BaTaGor stands for Bakso Tahu Goreng. Indonesians apparently really like abbreviating everything, and not just in terms of acronyms, actually abbreviating words and creating new ones!

jakarta batagor



BBQ meat on a stick marinated in Indonesian flavours. Nom.

jakarta satay cart

jakarta satay cook

jakarta satay


Bubur / Congee

You can barely see the rice in this dish under all the condiments. I particularly liked this dish as I find it to be a delicious variation of a childhood comfort food of mine. I am used to eating congee as a very plain meal and usually when I’m ill. However, with all the crispy additions and flavourful sauces added to this version, I have to say this is wonderful upgrade from what I am usually accustomed to.

jakarta bubur


Nasi Padang

Pretty much a mixed rice dish. You enter the shop and the waiters will place small plates of food in front of you, then you simply pick and choose what you want. Kind of like a buffet that comes to you!

jakarta nasi padang

The list of foods could go on forever due to the many regions of Indonesia and the different foods native to each area, but unfortunately I didn’t manage to eat ALL the food that Indo had to offer.



Aside from the amazing food (even thought you could plan a holiday there with exclusively food in mind), the shopping is also amazing. In particular, the local brands.

In Jakarta itself, you can obviously find the usual brands that are shipped world wide like H&M etc., but if you are ever there, look out for certain stores that stock local goods such as:

(I’m sure there are others, but these were the main two I looked at)

If you are there on a shopping tour be sure to visit Bandung, which is where most of Indonesian designers get their goods made. Here you will also find many small little boutiques that I can’t even remember the names of because there really are that many of them.

But here are a few that I really liked

These stores are distributor stores that stock many Indonesian designers that may not be big enough to have their own store or even their own website, but it is a great place to discover some awesome brands. Some of my favourite brands, especially for basics and everyday wear are:

Also for lovely designer leather goods:

These are obviously not the only ones, but are the ones I found bits and bobs from.

I also happened to make it in time for a couple of markets which give international and local brands some exposure. If you can time your trip properly, try to make it to:

I’ve mostly mentioned Indonesian brands and foods that I particularly liked, in no way is Indonesian food or brands limited to what I’ve mentioned here.

When it comes to shopping locally, it can be quite irritating when you do happen to find brands that you like. Mostly because many brands do not have a very good online presence, making it difficult to find their other products. Many companies functions through Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

I know I haven’t posted any actual pictures of what kind of clothing to expect from Indonesia. This is mostly because there is a lot you can find there and I feel like what I post wouldn’t be a great representation of what is available so do check out the links that I have provided above. I do also post on my Instagram fairly regularly so if you are interested just give me a follow and wait for some ootds to turn up 🙂



I also didn’t jusssttt stick to shopping and eating. Even though we did think about going to Mount Bromo, we chose to venture somewhere a little closer, a little somewhere out of Bandung.

jakarta kawah putih sunset

jakarta kawah putih yoga

jakarta kawah putih

Isn’t it just breathtaking? This is Kawah Putih, a saulphuric lake created by a crater. I don’t know too much about the history behind this geological prettiness, but I do know that the pictures really don’t do it justice, and if you ever go, remember, sulphur, it does kick your nose in the face, so try not to stay in the area for too long.

Even though Jakarta is very polluted, there are areas further out from the city, and higher up in altitude that prove the country still has a lot to offer naturally.


If you are ever in the area, be sure to check these out and explore further! There is just so much more to discover and I wish I could make a trip back again soon 🙂

LOve <3