DIY Fairy Lights Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas!

Just a quick one to show off some festive DIY decorations 😉

We’re not doing anything particularly fancy for Christmas, but I decided that we should still have some sort holiday spirit thrown around the apartment in the form of lights. That, and I’ll use any excuse to put up fairy lights!

The apartment isn’t very large and lots of decorations could make it look cluttered. So I figured a simple wall decoration would suffice.

fairy light christmas tree2

I used a set of 6m long fairy lights and zig zagged it into a shape of a christmas tree. I then proceeded to place crepe paper flowers along the string to act as tree decorations. It’s simple and space efficient 🙂

fairy light christmas tree4

This trick can be done with just about any ornament that can be stuck to the wall. If you’re like me and are a little late (very late) in putting up your christmas decorations then this may be your last resort option. That being said, I will most likely be doing this again next year!

Also if you like these flowers, keep posted because I’ll be putting up the tutorial for these flowers in the new year. HERE!

These pom pom  paper flowers are lovely ornament additions to any themed holiday decor. As I was making the red flowers, I was thinking that they would be great for Chinese New Year too!

fairy light christmas tree7


Happy holidays and enjoy your Christmas feastings!

LOve <3



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  1. OOOOOOOH so pretty!!!! I’m definitely doing this next year! Who knows, maybe my cats won’t be so interested in a fairy light tree. My Christmas tree is in serious danger 😉

    1. Thanks Elisa 🙂
      Hahaha! Maybe you can make one with hanging yarn just for your cats so they leave the real tree alone!

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