DIY Paper Flowers

paper flower pompom2

As promised from last years post, here is ther tutorial for making your own paper flowers!

It’s very simple and I know has been done many times before, but I finally got around to trying it out and here is what I did.

fairy light christmas tree3

  • Crepe Paper
  • Scissors
  • Rubber bands
  • String


Instruction Layout - crepe paper flower pom pom

1. Using at least 4 piece of crepe paper, fold them as one piece into an accordion shape.

2. Use a rubber band to keep the paper in place.

3. Trim edges into shape. various shapes will give you different effects to try them out!

4. Repeat on the other side.

5. Attach a string to the rubber band.

6. Peel paper apart.

7. Separate pieces of crepe carefully.

8. Ruffle everything to even things out.

And done!

Now do that as many times as nescessary and add them to everything!

fairy light christmas tree6

Also if you have a need for confetti, the cut offs are always great to keep for other decorative purposes.

paper flower pompom3

You could store them in a jar and that would be pretty in itself! Otherwise jsut keep them for another festive occasion.

paper flower pompom4

If you want more inspirational projects, a few years ago I did a similar project out of tulle and the tutorial can be found here (DIY tulle flower fairy lights) and if you are wondering what you could do to decorate your home with these flowers, here is a post I did on inspirational fairy lighting that can also apply to paper flowers!
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