DIY Colorwork Knit Beanie & Pom Pom – Free Pattern

COLORWORK BEANIE2 I had chosen to come back to Norway in time for Christmas, but in doing so, I have willingly chosen to freeze my butt off. So to counter this, I have started knitting again! made a quick trip to Stoff og Stil, with no real plan in mind upon what I was going to make except that it was going to be in colorwork. The thought process went from leg warmers, to a scarf, to a blanket and just when I thought I had settled on making leg warmers, I started knitting another beanie. I whipped up this colorwork knit beanie in a couple of days, just making up the pattern as I went along. I had a small amount of grey left over from a previous project and I wanted to use that up. I’ve also wanted to making something in a colorwork for a while now but haven’t quite gotten round to it. I’ve taken the liberty to write down the pattern as I went along. Hopefully I’ve gotten everything right. If not, just let me know and I’ll make the adjustments to the pattern. COLOR KNIT POM POM BEANIE final2

The printable PDF can be found here… COLOURWORK BEANIE


The Pattern:


Cast on 120 stitches – using.3.25mm circular needles
Row 1 K2, P2 (W)
Repeat for 15 rows
Transfer work to 4mm circular needles
Row 16 Knit (W)
Row 17 Knit (W)
Row 18 K2 (W) *K1 (Y), K4 (W), rep from * to last 3 stitches, K1 (Y), K2 (W)
Row 19 Knit (W)
Row 20 K1 (Y) *K1 (W), K1 (B), K1 (W), K1 (Y) rep from * to last 4 stitches, K1 (W), K1 (B), K1 (W), K1 (Y)
Row 21 Knit (W)
Row 22 Same as Row 18
Row 23 Knit (W)
Row 24 K1 (B) *K3 (Y), K2 (B), rep from * to last 4 stitches, K3 (Y), K1 (B)
Row 25 Knit (Y)
Row 26 K1 (W) *K3 (Y), K2 (W), rep from * to last 4 stitches, K3 (Y), K1 (W)
Row 27 Knit (Y)
Row 28 K2 (Y) *K1 (B), K4 (Y), rep from * to last 3 stitches, K1 (B), K2 (Y)
Row 29 Knit (Y)
Row 30 K1 (B), K1 (Y)
Row 31 Knit (Y)
Row 32 K1 (Y), K1 (W)
Row 33 Knit (Y)
Row 34 Knit (B)
Row 35 Knit (B)
Row 36 K (W)
Row 37 K1 (Y), K1 (W)
Row 38 Knit (W)
Row 39 Knit (B)
Row 40 Knit (B)
Row 41 K2 (B), *K1 (Y), K9 (B), rep from * to last 8 stitches, K1 (Y), K7 (B)
Row 42 *K7 (B), K1 (Y), rep to last 2 stitches, K2 (B)
Row 43 Knit (B)
Row 44 Repeat row 41
Row 45 Repeat row 42
Row 46 Repeat row 43
Row 47 Repeat row 41
Row 48 K1 (Y), K1 (B)
Row 49 K1 (B), K1 (Y)
Row 50 Knit (Y)
Row 51 K2 (Y) *K1 (W), K4 (Y), rep to last 3 stitches, K1 (W), K2 (Y)
Row 52 Knit (Y)
Row 53 K1 (W) *K3 (Y), K2 (W) rep to last 4 stitches, K3 (Y), K1 (W)
Row 54 Knit (W)
Row 55 Knit (W)


Row 56 K10 (W), K2tog (B) – 110 stitches
Row 57 K4 (W) *K2 (B), K8 (W), rep to last 6 stitches, K2 (B), K4 (W)
Row 58 K9, k2 tog (W) – 100 stitches
Row 59 K2 (W), K2 (Y)
Row 60 K8, K2tog (Y) – 90 stitches
Row 61 K1 (B), K1 (Y)
Row 62 K7, K2tog (Y) – 80 stitches
Row 63 Knit (Y)
Row 64 K6, K2tog (B) – 70 stitches
Row 65 Knit (B)
Row 66 K5 (B), K2tog (Y) – 60 stitches
Row 67 Knit (B)
Row 68 K4, K2tog (B) – 50 stitches
Row 69 K4 (B), K1 (W)
Row 70 K3, K2tog (B) – 40 stitches
Row 71 Knit (Y)
Row 72 K2, K2tog (B) – 30 stitches
Row 73 Knit (Y)
Row 74 K1 (W) K2tog (Y) – 20 Stitches
Row 75 Knit (W)
Row 76 K2tog (W) – 10 stitches
  •  TIE OFF

The beanie looks like this before the pom pom was added… COLORWORK BEANIE4

And here is the pom pom tutorial…

INSTRUCTIONS - POM POM 1. Place the start ends of the yarn in your hands. 2. start wrapping the yarn loosely around your hand. 3. Get a nice thick amount on your hand. 4. Carefully take the wrapped ball of yarn off and cut off an extra piece of yarn. 5. Tie the extra piece of yarn around the centre of the wrapped ball. Secure tightly. 6. Cut the closed loops of the yarn ball. 7. You should get a fairly messy pom pom. 8. Trim everything down to get a neater and tighter pom pom.COLOR KNIT POM POM BEANIE final COLOR KNIT POM POM BEANIE final3   COLORWORK BEANIE3 LOve <3 Yin xx

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  1. Every row is a knit row??? No purl? Doesn’t look like that in the picture. Please confirm! It’s not often I see a Fair Isle pattern without a chart. I hate charts! 😀 I would love to start this beanie and I think I could figure it our but please….let us know?

    1. Hi Liz, I used a circular needle here which means that every stitch aside from the ribbing is a knit because you don’t have to turn the work. Once tou finish a row, you simply comtinue knitting the next row (it’s like magic, I love circular needles) – I hope that helps.

  2. Will you please tell me the colors of yarn you used. I love these colors. Where did you buy your yarn?
    Thank you. Lovely pattern with or without the pompom.

  3. Wait, so we K2, P2 for 15 rows? The picture you show dosen’t look like it’s 15 rows of K2 P2, it looks like less.
    I’m already at 10 rows and it already looks a lot longer than the photo.

    1. Hey sorry for the incredibly late reply. I don’t manage this site as often as I used to, real like and all. Yes it was definitely 15 rows. It won’t be exact since you’re not using the exact same yarn that I am. I have realised over the years of knitting that not all 8ply yarns are the same. Also just realising i didn’t even write down what ply yarn I’d used.

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