Learn to: Knit – Cast-On (Long Tail Method)

I have quite a few friends that knit, but I also have quite a few friends that want to knit, but never thought they could. They just seemed to think the whole concept was really difficult and time-consuming. It is a time-consuming hobby, but that is why I only knit little things like hats, scarves and gloves.

I told a few of them that I would do some learn-to-knit posts (like 2 years ago haha) and have only really thought about doing it recently.


So here is the first my learn-to-knit series.

Here I have posted a video of how you would first start knitting. The cast-on. There are a few methods for casting on, but this is one I’ve been using for years and for all my projects. it’s simple, neat and even gives you an already knitted row once you are done!



Initially the video shows the overall view at regular speed.

For slow motion view – skip to 0:30
For a close up – skip to 1:15

I rarely do videos, but when I do it is because it is far easier to show you how t o do something via video than through pictures. If you like, head to my Youtube page and you will find some old videos of distressing fabric whcih were used to create some of my old projects.

 For my second installment which shows you actually how to knit and purlfind it here.


Using this cast-on method is how I usually start my beanies, here are a few that have used that method of cast on – they also come with free patterns 😉


DIY Fair Isle Colorwork Slouch/Long Beanie with Pom Pom 


Slouch Beanie

DIY Cable Slouch/Long Beanie with Pom Pom


Herringbone Beanie 1

DIY Herringbone Stitch Slouch/Long Beanie


If you have any issues with the video or need more clarification, don’t  hesitate to drop me an e-mail or comment.


LOve <3






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